The One Where I Read ‘Batman: 100 Greatest Moments’

Batman: 100 Greatest Moments: Highlights from the history of the dark knight

Writer: Robert Greenberger

Batman has been around for over 80 years. Not many characters have that kind of staying power. At least not at the level that The Dark Knight sustains.

There have been many great moments throughout those 80 years. To narrow them down to the 100 greatest moments is no easy task, yet Robert Greenberger took up the challenge. While I applaud his efforts, I do ask… why?

First and foremost, Greenberger’s writing is great. I was able to get a good handle on moments laid out in this book that I was unfamiliar with and relive those that I was familiar with. While not a complete history lesson, it was enough to make me feel like I knew Batman better than ever before. 

To continue building Batman: 100 Greatest Moments up, the layout is fantastic. While difficult to read on my phone (though, this honestly was probably the software required to read it vs. the actual e-book version), it was beautiful to look at. There were certain parts of the book that were difficult to read due to the colors used, but once again I contribute that to the software/device I was reading on.

With all that said, Batman: 100 Greatest Moments felt like a glorified blog post. Something that I could have read on numerous Batman fan sites (with Dark Knight News being my personal favorite). And while it was certainly laid out in a pretty way, I couldn’t help but think “Oh, this is a great blog post, but an entire book?”. And that’s not to put down Greenberger or Batman fan sites, it just didn’t click with me like a book. I almost would have rather read those moments in a blog post.


Just because this didn’t work for me like a book, I do see the value in it. For the right person, this makes an excellent book to add to either your Batman collection or Coffee Table book collection. Greenberger was able to catch me up on nearly all of Batman’s history in just 100 moments and seeing how he’s evolved with each artist over time was a real treat.

Review SCORE: 7/10
Please see my review rubric for grading.

For full transparency: I received a review copy of this work from NetGalley. That said, this is an honest review, and receiving a review copy has not influenced my thoughts and rating of this work.

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